Created: 2008-09-18 13:47
Updated: 2017-02-15 10:07

Beer Over IP

Beer Over IP is a simple (fake) protocol that gives someone the opportunity to hand a beer over the internet.

The code used to power the beeroverip website is distributed under the terms of the (dual) WTFPL/Beer-ware License. This means that you may:

Do What The Fuck You Want with this code.


Do whatever you want to do with this code, but if we meet in real life,
you can buy me a beer.

See WTFPL and BEERWARE files for further information or go to:

How to use it?

Just make a link to and it's done. The person you are offering the beer to can click on the link and gets instant satisfaction!

Can we have anything more interesting? like... $FAVORITE_TYPE_OF_BEER?

Yes! You can! Check the list of the available beers and you may send the appropriate URL to the person you want to hand a virtual beer.

And what if I don't like beer?

You can still use this website by sending non-beer beverage. Just point to https://beeroverip/notabeer/ to send a coffee, for example. The list of all our non-beer drinks are available at

And if you miss a drink you would like to send, you may help the same way (see the about page)

Where does this idea come from?

A Lugradian named Matthew Walster, who you may know as dotwaffle once tweeteed this:

Opsview_IRC++ Big help guys, thanks! Now, there ought to be a site for
BeerOverIP - Scred?


And this gave me the idea to buy (and .net, but who cares) domain name(s), and quickly fetch a picture of a glass of beer on flickr, upload a quick and dirty HTML page demonstrating that Beer Over IP is not just a concept. This can happen!

So, what's next?

See on Github:

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