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I used to retrieve carefully-constructed cd commands from my history. But then, I got a goat.

~ Jonathan Paugh on Google+

[ ~/Pictures ] $ goat dev ~/Documents/devel # create a link to the dev directory
[ ~/Pictures ] $ ls # see that there is no ~/Pictures/dev directory here
seahorses wallpapers
[ ~/Pictures ] $ cd dev # the goat framework's got you covered!
[ ~/Documents/devel ] $

Oh my! This is a POSIX-compliant shell movement boosting hack for real ninjas.
#posix_me_harder #posixly_correct

~ 0mp

Sometimes you jump around your filesystem tree a lot and you end up putting a couple of ugly aliases into your shell's rc file.

I should try it, even if it is dumb!

~ dse on What the Daily WTF? about goat v1.1.1

With goat you can easily manage your ninja shortcuts - just type goat p ~/Projects to introduce a new link and then cd p to jump to its destination.

Rad! I can do cd .... now instead of performing a horse galloping-like waltz with ../ being my miserable dance floor. I'm cloning this goat straight away!

~ YA0mp

BTW, Bash completion is now fully working with goat's shortcuts.


See Makefile for more details.

System-wide installation

# make install

Local installation

If you'd rather install it locally for your user only then:

$ make PREFIX="$HOME/.local" install


  • Make sure that ~/.local/bin is in your PATH:

    $ cat <<'EOF' >> ~/.bashrc
    case "$PATH" in
        *$HOME/.local/bin*) ;;
        *) PATH="$HOME/.local/bin:$PATH" ;;
  • Make sure that files inside ~/.local/etc/bash_completion.d are actually sourced by the Bash completion library:

    $ cat <<'EOF' >> ~/.bash_completion
    if [[ -d ~/.bash_completion.d ]]
        for f in ~/.local/etc/bash_completion.d/*
            [[ -f $f ]] && source "$f"

Installation of MinGW-compatible version of goat

# make install-mingw

Usage overview

Create a shortcut named “f” to ~/Documents/dev/freebsd (no need to use
the link command explicitly here):

      $ goat f ~/Documents/dev/freebsd

Follow a link to change a directory with cd(1):

      $ cd f

Take the “f” shortcut and enter its destination subdirectory with just
one command:

      $ pwd
      $ cd f/ports
      $ pwd

Create a shortcut named “p” to the current directory:

      $ goat p .

Go up the filesystem tree with ... (same as the standard “cd ../../”):

      $ cd ...

List all your links:

      $ goat list
      dots    ->      /usr/home/0mp/.dotfiles
      down    ->      /usr/home/0mp/Downloads
      f       ->      /usr/home/0mp/freebsd
      p       ->      /usr/home/0mp/freebsd/ports
      pa      ->      /usr/home/0mp/freebsd/patches
      src     ->      /usr/home/0mp/freebsd/svn/src
      svn     ->      /usr/home/0mp/freebsd/svn

Delete a link (or more):

      $ goat delete f p

Delete all the links which point to directories with the given prefix:

      $ goat deleteprefix "$HOME/Documents"


Licensed under BSD license. Copyright © 2016-2018 Mateusz Piotrowski

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