Created: 2008-09-15 23:25
Updated: 2017-05-11 05:51

bloggit: version control for my mind

Yes, this is my blog.

Why am I using GitHub for my blog?...

  • I get to use Markdown, Textile and friends
  • If I make a change to the post it keeps track of the changes
  • I can include files relevant to the post
  • Anyone can download and read all of my posts and/or change all of the files to another language and/or insert profanity throughout and then send me a pull request
  • All of my projects and my blog are in one convenient place
  • My blog is easy to (I suggest others do the same)
  • I can have new posts automatically send out a notification to Twitter or other services upon commit
  • I can prepare blog posts within Textmate
  • Anyone that is watching my blog repo will see that new posts will show up in the feed
  • It's fun using technology in a manner which it is not intended.
  • Did I mention it's under version control?

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