Created: 2008-09-10 03:30
Updated: 2017-04-11 15:42
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curn: Customizable Utilitarian RSS Notifier

WARNING: I no longer use or maintain curn. It is, effectively, abadonware.

curn is an RSS reader. It scans a configured set of URLs, each one representing an RSS feed, and summarizes the results. By default, curn keeps track of individual items within each RSS feed, using an on-disk cache; when using the cache, it will suppress displaying information for items it has already processed.

Unlike many RSS readers, curn does not use a graphical user interface. It is a command-line utility, intended to be run periodically in the background by a command scheduler such as cron(8) (on Unix-like systems) or the Windows Scheduler Service (on Windows).

curn can read RSS feeds from any URL that's supported by Java's runtime. When querying HTTP sites, curn uses the HTTP If-Modified-Since and Last-Modified headers to suppress retrieving and processing feeds that haven't changed. By default, it also requests that the remote HTTP server gzip the XML before sending it. (Some HTTP servers honor the request; some don't.) These measures both minimize network bandwidth and ensure that curn is as kind as possible to the remote RSS servers.

To download curn, or to read the User's Guide and other documentation, please visit the curn home page.

curn is Copyright © 2004-2012 Brian M. Clapper

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