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WordPress template

wordpress-template is basically a Rake script to create a zip file that works as a one-click installer for new WordPress projects.

Creating the one-click installer

Clone this project to your own computer. Enter the top directory and run rake. This will create nytt_wp-projekt.zip in the build directory. Store the zip file in a safe place or mail it to the intended user.

Using the one-click installer

Extract the zip file in your project directory (I'm assuming ~/Projects here). This will create ~/Projects/projektnamn. Rename the directory to the name of your project. Double click the file double_click_to_install and follow the instructions.

What the installer does

The installer does a number of things after asking you for the relevant details:

  1. Creates a database for your project.
  2. Creates wp-config.php which tells WP where the database is and what language to use (Swedish).
  3. Adds projectname.computername.local as an alias for localhost in /etc/hosts.
  4. Adds a vhost entry in /etc/apache2/users/#{username}.conf for this WP project.
  5. Creates a .htaccess in the wordpress root so that you are ready to use good-looking permalinks even in development.
  6. Stores the pristine project in git.

The project also contains a Capistrano deploy.rb that you can use (with very little configuration) to deploy your project to the production server.


To use the one-click installer you need the following:

  1. Apache with PHP and vhosts (see separate blog post).
  2. A MySQL server where the MySQL user root can create a database.
  3. The password for the MySQL user root.
  4. An account that can sudo.

Bugs / limitations

  1. The instructions in the installer are in Swedish at the moment. If you would like to see them in another language, just let me know.
  2. The WordPress project will use Swedish for the admin interface.
  3. The script has only been tested on OS X 10.5 Leopard.

Patches are welcome.


I created the one-click installer in August 2008 to scratch a very specific itch: to make it easy for a web designer to create new WordPress projects without going through a lot of hoops.

The project has been updated to WordPress 2.6.2.


David Vrensk -- http://www.vrensk.com/


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