Created: 2008-09-05 06:25
Updated: 2015-11-05 10:31
License: mit


Cache Test

A plugin for testing generation and expiration of action cache and fragment cached. Based on cache test plugin

Example of usage

You can use all the new asserts in functional tests, in this way:

assert_cache_fragment({:fragment => 'total_posts'}) do
  get :index, :user_id => users(:first)
  assert_response :success

List of asserts

Testing action cache


  • assert_cache_action
  • assert_cache_actions
  • assert_not_cache_action
  • assert_not_cache_actions


  • assert_expire_cache_action
  • assert_expire_cache_actions
  • assert_not_expire_cache_action
  • assert_not_expire_cache_actions

Testing fragment cache


  • assert_cache_fragment
  • assert_cache_fragments
  • assert_not_cache_fragment
  • assert_not_cache_fragments


  • assert_expire_cache_fragment
  • assert_expire_cache_fragments
  • assert_not_expire_cache_fragment
  • assert_not_expire_cache_fragments


This plugin is inspired by cache_test, a great plugin that allowed you to test cache in Rails 1.x.

It was so useful for me that I decided to upgrade it to Rails 2.x and add some tests.

The test suite was extracted from the test suit of shoulda, another great plugin.

Copyright (c) 2008 Fernando Blat, released under the MIT license

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