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Updated: 2018-06-10 02:35



Requires Prototype 1.6+!

This project is still in the early phases.

What Works

  • HTML 5 and Google Gear back-ends
  • Simple models and schema generator
  • Base CRUD on models
  • Event callbacks for beforeCreate, afterCreate, beforeSave, and afterSave
  • Rudimentary Dataset class good for filtered reading of tables...

What Doesn't Work (Yet)

  • Adobe AIR back-end
  • Relationships (planned: hasMany, hasAndBelongsToMany, hasOne, belongsTo)
  • Finder WHERE clauses

Example Usage

In your application's initialization, you'll need to create the database object:

// the variable name doesn't matter...
var DB = new DM.Database({
  name:        'GraphicNovelist.db',
  displayName: 'Graphic Novelist',
  description: 'Graphic Novelist database... What?'

Now you can define your models:

var Script = new DM.Model('scripts', {
  // This is the schema builder function you'll need to fill out...
  schema: function(t){ 
    // An id field is automatically created for models
    // Creates created_on && updated_on
    // Not implemented yet, but this is how it'll probably work...
    t.hasMany('Revision', { cascadeDelete:true });
      // use model#get and model#set to access attributes...
      var renderedSource = GraphicNovelist.render( self.get('source') );
      self.set('html', renderedSource );

  // Any model instance methods you'd like here...

After you've defined/included all of your models:

DM.Model.createModels(); // Executes CREATE TABLE IF EXISTS for each model's schema...

Creating a model instance:

var script = Script.create({ title:"A new title!" });

Typical model kinds of things to do:;


  // Since the HTML5 back-end is strictly asynchronous all
  // database access methods require callbacks to work with
  // the fetched models... 
    // build DOM nodes, or whatever else you'd like...

Script.find(1, function(script){
  // Script 1 stuff here...


  • Need WHERE builder so finders can actually be useful
  • Tests, tests, and more tests!
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