Created: 2015-12-07 11:17
Updated: 2017-08-14 06:21
License: mit


The simplest CLI todo list manager ever.

  • Reads and prints todos to the command line from any GFM / Org Mode checklist.
  • Search todos by regular expression.
  • Optionally include completed todos.
  • Automatically orders todos with dates at top.
  • Displays past-due todos with **asterisks**
  • Mark todos done.
  • 100% Bash.


The todo list is set by the environment variable TODO_FILE. The following assumes you've symlinked t_done.sh to t somewhere in your $PATH.

command result
t buy milk add todo "buy milk"
t print incomplete todos
t -a print all todos
t -D print all done todos
t -s call print all todos matching "call"
t /call same as above
`t -s "call email"`
t -D -s read print all done todos matching "read"
t -d 12 mark todo item 12 as done
t -s read -d 3 mark todo item 3 within todos matching "read" as done
t -d burn mark all todo items matching "burn" as done
t -s burn -d . same as above
t -e edit $TODO_FILE in $EDITOR
t -t +1w buy racecar add todo "buy racecar" due a week from today
t -T sell horse add todo "sell horse" due today
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