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Updated: 2018-10-10 15:14
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Reve is a library for the Eve Online API written in Ruby.

Status of the Library

On May 8th, 2018 CCP Games retired the API for which this library was created. There may still be open pull requests and issues for this project due to a focus of the maintaner's time elsewhere (apologies for that, truly), but it is time to finally retire this project for good. There are no plans to migrate this codebase to the new API. Thank you to everyone that has used and contributed to the library over the years. - @lisa, original library creator and maintainer.


The following are examples using the library.

Convert player names to character IDs

require 'reve'
require 'pp'

api =

ids = api.character_id( { :names => [ "CCP Garthagk" ] } )
puts 'Names to IDs output:'
pp names

# Prints:
names to IDs output
  @name="CCP Garthagk">]


Reve is in "maintenance mode." The author, Lisa Seelye, is mostly hands-off and gladly accepts pull requests.


In no specific order, this is a foreward looking list of items to be done for the project.

  • Complete Implemented API Calls List
  • Merge #17
  • Implement missing API calls
  • Reorganize code within the project

Implemented API Calls


Name Method Name
Account Status account_status
API Key Not Implemented
List of Characters characters


Name Method Name
Account Balance personal_wallet_balance
Asset List personal_assets_list
Blueprints Not Implemented
Calendar Event Attendees Not Implemented
Character Sheet character_sheet
Contact List personal_contacts
Contact Notifications Not Implemented
Contracts contracts
Contract Items Not Implemented
Contract Bids Not Implemented
Factional Warfare Stats personal_faction_war_stats
Industry Jobs personal_industry_jobs
Industry Jobs History Not Implemented
Kill Mails personal_kills (deprecated)
Locations Not Implemented
Mail Bodies personal_mail_message_bodies
Mailing Lists personal_mailing_lists
Mail Messages (Headers) personal_mail_messages
Market Orders personal_market_orders
Medals character_medals
Notifications personal_notifications
Notification Texts Not Implemented
Planetary Colonies Not Implemented
Planetary Pins Not Implemented
Planetary Routes Not Implemented
Planetary Links Not Implemented
Research research
Skill in Training skill_in_training
Skill Queue skill_queue
Standings (NPC) Not Implemented
Upcoming Calendar Events upcoming_calendar_events
Wallet Journal personal_wallet_journal
Wallet Transactions personal_wallet_transactions


Name Method Name
Account Balances corporate_wallet_balance
Asset List corporate_assets_list
Blueprints Not Implemented
Contact List corporate_contacts
Container Log Not Implemented
Contracts Not Implemented
Contract Items Not Implemented
Contract Bids Not Implemented
Corporation Sheet corporation_sheet
Customs Offices Not Implemented
Facilities Not Implemented
Factional Warfare Stats corporate_faction_war_stats
Industry Jobs corporate_industry_jobs
Industry Jobs History Not Implemented
Kill Mails corporate_kills (deprecated)
Locations Not Implemented
Market Orders corporate_market_orders
Medals corporate_medals
Member Medals corporate_member_medals
Member Security corporate_member_security
Member Security Log Not Implemented
Member Tracking Not Implemented
Outpost List Not Implemented
Outpost Service Detail Not Implemented
Shareholders Not Implemented
Standings (NPC) Not Implemented
Starbase Details (POS) starbase_details
Starbase list (POS) starbases
Titles Not Implemented
Wallet Journal corporate_wallet_journal
Wallet Transactions corporate_wallet_transactions


Name Method Name
Alliance List alliances
Certificate Tree certificate_tree (deprecated)
Character Affilication Not Implemented
Character ID (name to id) names_to_ids
Character Info character_info
Character Name (id to name) ids_to_names
Conquerable Station List conquerable_stations
Error list errors
Factional Warfare Station faction_war_stats
Factional Warfare Top 100 Stats faction_war_top_stats
RefTypes ref_types
Skill Tree skill_tree
Type Name Not Implemented


Name Method Name
Factional Warfare Systems (Occupancy map) faction_war_system_stats
Jumps map_jumps
Kills map_kills
Sovereignty sovereignty


Name Method Name
Server Status server_status


Name Method Name
Call List (access mask ref) Not Implemented
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