Created: 2008-08-27 16:47
Updated: 2016-12-01 17:53
License: gpl-2.0


Designate is a WordPress plugin by Benedict Eastaugh that allows users to designate stylesheets to customise the appearance of their posts and pages.

Using Designate to style your posts

There are two ways to use Designate: write stylesheets with names that correspond to the posts they're associated with, or choose a particular name by adding a custom field to your post or page.

Where do they go?

Post stylesheets should be placed in the post-styles subdirectory of your WP_CONTENT_DIR directory. Unless you have specified an alternative location for your WordPress content directory, this will be wordpress/wp-content/post-styles. All custom stylesheets must end in the .css file extension.

Post slugs, post IDs

By default Designate uses the permalink slug of a post to generate the name of its custom stylesheet. For example, if a post has a permalink slug of godels-incompleteness-theorems, the generated path will be


If you have several posts with the same permalink slug, you'll want to use post IDs instead of permalink slugs to ensure that each post gets a unique stylesheet name. To enable this option, change the DESIGNATE_USE_POST_SLUGS constant in the plugin file from true to false.

This will give you stylesheets with names like the following (if e.g. the post ID is 27)


Overriding stylesheet names with custom fields

You can override either of these options at any time on an individual post or page by adding a custom field to that post or page. The field should have a name of stylesheet, and a value of the filename you wish to use. For example, if you wanted to use a stylesheet called blue.css, you'd put blue.css as the value of the custom field. Just blue would be fine too--the plugin will sort out the file extension for you.

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