Created: 2008-08-26 03:26
Updated: 2015-11-18 07:56
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Greasemonkey/GreaseKit extensions for 37signal's Highrise


Currently only working on GreaseKit (Safari or Fluid apps) - I think Greasemonkey + Prototype (being reused from highrisehq.com) aren't coexisting nicely.


A set of extensions to the Highrise CRM by 37signals:

  • within contact information, phone numbers converted to callto:// links to enable access to Skype/VOIP apps

highrise-greasemonkey - phone numbers converted to callto: links

  • Skype IM username converted to skype: link.

highrise-greasemonkey - skype links

Todo / Issues

  • User-defined home international prefix (e.g. +61 for Australia or +1 for USA)
  • Auto-assign some values (such as Country) on New Contact/Company form
  • On contact page, show other contacts for the same company (using Jester for RESTful access)
  • Dashboard (or any notes list) - support partial + fully collapsed notes list, say like Gmail
  • Addresses include Google Maps link or embedded map
  • Auto-assign each note a Case, based on the user/company; annoying to have to manually assign Cases
  • Person Search - include contact picture within search results

PLUS - as above, make it work on Firefox or raise Greasemonkey/Prototype bug report

META TODO - add rake task to upload new versions to http://userscripts.org


For Safari or Fluid.app apps: requires GreaseKit For Firefox: requires Greasemonkey


To install to Safari:

BROWSERS=safari rake install

To install to a Fluid.app wrapper app for Highrise, say called 'Highrise':

BROWSERS=Highrise rake install

Unit tests

This extension is developed via TDD javascript unit tests.

To run all of them against all your locally install browsers:

rake test_units

Or specific browsers:

BROWSERS=safari rake test_units

Or load individual test HTML files into a browser, such as test/unit/highrise_people_test.html to run those tests.

Or run script/js_autotest, modify javascript or HTML test files and the tests will be automatically launched in Safari (more info)


Dr Nic Williams, http://drnicwilliams.com CEO, Mocra, http://mocra.com - the premier Rails/iPhone SDK consultancy

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