Created: 2008-08-24 08:25
Updated: 2016-05-08 12:18



##A little ruby program for running a surfing competition.

I'm modelling this off what I know about my local boardrider's competitions ( but I'd like it to be able to model the ASP world tour's format too.

There's a lot to do.

###A very basic example It doesn't do much at the moment. Check out the cucumber features and steps to get a better idea on its current state. Also, have a look at the wiki for some information on surfing competitions.

#Info on our division
name = 'Opens'
competitors = ['Dylan Fogarty-MacDonald', 'Luke Kannar', 'Kelly Slater', 'Matt Graham-Ellison', 'Tom Carroll', 'Barton Lynch', 'Kent MacDonald', 'David MacDonald', 'Manoa Drollet', 'Shane Beschen', 'Luke Egan', 'Mark Occilupo', 'Shane Powell', 'Shaun Oldfield', 'Dave Oldfield', 'Ulrich Jaeger', 'Belynda Jaeger', 'Adrian Buchan', 'Jughead']

#Make the division
division =, competitors)

#First round, opens
round =

#Start the round

#Surfers catch waves, judges judge and so on
#Some of this is supported, but I'm finding it hard to express here

#Finish the round

#Competitors move forward to the next round
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