Created: 2008-03-19 08:26
Updated: 2017-07-16 10:01
License: mit


About graphpipes

graphpipes is a simple and easy way to aggregate semantic data.

By using drag'n'dropin a web-based application you are able to create SPARQL-queries and reuse them later in your networked graphs.

graphpipes is a proof of concept, developed at University of Koblenz-Landau, Germany


  • Ruby 1.8.6+
  • Rails 2.2.2
  • Linux / Windows may work but has not been tested
  • A well written Browser like Firefox - Safari and Opera are currently now supported

Quick Install

  1. Download and install all needed gems
    • git://
    • hoe
    • curb using % sudo gem install %name
  2. Download graphpipes (master branch on github: )
  3. cd into the graphpipes directory
  4. Rename config/database.sample.yml to database.yml (you may want to change to config to your needs)
  5. rake db:migrate
  6. ./script/server -e production
  7. visit http://localhost:3000
  8. You may login using 'admin/secret'

Thomas Winkler - Koblenz, 03/30/2008

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