Created: 2008-08-19 19:28
Updated: 2016-05-08 12:07
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Radiant Dav

This extension allows you to access some Radiant content by pointing your WebDav client to /admin/dav. You'll have to authenticate yourself before access will be granted.


This extension needs the following gems installed:

  • unicode
  • mime-types


It depends on your Radiant privileges what content will be exposed:


  • Pages

Developers and administrators

  • Snippets
  • Layouts
  • Javascripts
  • Stylesheets

File extensions

Depending on the selected filter, the extension adds the following file extensions to the name:

  • .html for WymEditor filter or if no filter is selected
  • .markdown for Markdown filter
  • .textile for Textile filter

Radiant extensions

The Dav extension incorporates with the following Radiant extensions:

Styles 'n Scripts

If the Styles 'n Scripts extension is installed, the javascripts and stylesheets will also be accessible.

Language Redirect

If a page type is set to LanguageRedirect, the configuration will be parsed and each language goes into its own language folder.


Some tasks sill needs to be done:

  • Copy a resource
  • Move a resource
  • Make a collection

For development I suggest the RESTClient Firefox-Addon, which allows to send WebDav request and analyze the response.


Don't use Mac OS X Finder, it has an awful performance due its massive amount of unneeded requests. Use Cyberduck instead!


This extension uses the excellent railsdav Rails plugin from Stuart Eccles.



Some work has been kindly sponsored by ScreenConcept.


This extension is released under the MIT license, see the LICENSE for more information.

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