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Markdown Editor is a lightweight markdown...editor! It consists in a toolbar and a set of hotkeys that will be bound to the corresponding textarea, therefore you can put multiple editors on the same pages and it will (normally) work like a charm. MarkdownEditor is written in javascript thanks to the prototype and Ryan Johnson's Livepipe-UI API.

Important: Even if it's not needed for the plugin to work, I recommend to install and use the Maruku gem and not Bluecloth, indeed Maruku implements the markdown extras features such as tables, footnotes, table of contents, definition lists... and MarkdownEditor handles all these feature by default. If you dont want to use the markdown extras you should put off the corresponding button (take a look at markdown_editor.js`, don't worry, removing/adding a button or a hotkey is very easy, thanks to Livepipe-ui)


./script/plugin install git://

If you don't have Maruku Gem and you want use the markdown extras

sudo gem install maruku

Example usage

First of all you'll have to include the markdown_editor.css, the prototype API and the set of javascript files needed for the editor (which are , and `` but you can set all of them with the symbol :markdown_editor).

<%= javascript_include_tag :defaults %>
<%= javascript_include_tag :markdown_editor %>
<%= stylesheet_link_tag 'markdown_editor' %>

For the case 2 and 3 of this example I will act as if I have to put an editor on the textarea body of my model post

This plugin offer 3 way to use the helper :

  1. Using it like a tag from FormTagHelper.

     <%= markdown_editor_tag "markdown_textarea" %>
  2. Using it as a FormHelper

     <%= markdown_editor :post, :body %>
  3. Using it in the Formbuilder

     <% form_for(@post) do |f| %>
       <%= f.markdown_editor :body %>
     <% end %>

It is of course possible to add any html option in addition to these parameters as a Hash as last parameter of the methods. For example if we want to add the id "foo" for the first tag, we can write :

    <%= markdown_editor_tag "markdown_textarea", nil, :id => foo %>

Authors and credits

Author of the plugin : Morgan Hotonnier Author of LivePipe-UI (here the github repos) : Ryan Johnson

Copyright (c) 2008 Morgan Hotonnier, released under the MIT license

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