Created: 2008-08-14 03:05
Updated: 2016-05-08 11:54


Canvas Test

Note: There is no shame in old bad code. So I'm open sourcing this even though it's not useful for anyone.

What is (was) it

I used to play around with X11 programming a lot. I tried my hand at making a canvas library that would allow me to build UI widgets that I could use to make applications. I was a terrible programmer who makes terrible decisions, so I decided to write it in C++.

This was written a long time ago, it's totally unsupported, unusable, without merit, and laughably implemented.

As of 02/27/2010, it compiles and runs on snow leopard. I'm 100% sure it would still work on Linux as well.


You'll need an c++ compiler, x11 libraries and imlib2. On linux, you should have all of those... you may need to install imlib2. On a Mac, install the x11 SDK (from the xcode stuff) and then use ports or something to install imlib2 sudo port install imlib2


There is no install. Run make then ./canvastest


Shot 1

Shot 2


Made a long time ago by Ted Roden (@tedroden)

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