Created: 2015-08-28 03:10
Updated: 2019-02-22 03:43
License: bsd-2-clause


Buffer Hint

bufferhint is a handly buffer switcher for Vim.

With this plugin, you can browse all buffers in a popup side window.

In addition, this plugin provides a "hint key" for each buffer, just like what Vimperator/Vimium/VimFx does.

Therefore, you can switch among buffers quickly with a single key stroke in the best case.



cp bufferhint.vim ~/.vim/plugin/


cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone https://github.com/bsdelf/bufferhint.git


Add following two lines in ~/.vimrc:

nnoremap - :call bufferhint#Popup()
nnoremap \ :call bufferhint#LoadPrevious()


Basic usage

  1. vim foo.txt bar.txt doe.txt.
  2. Type - to popup bufferhint window.
  3. Type j, k, C-f, C-b, PGUP, PGDN to navigate.
  4. Type ENTER to load the buffer under cursor.

Load buffer by hint

  1. vim foo.txt bar.txt doe.txt.
  2. Type - to popup bufferhint window.
  3. Type b to load "bar.txt".
  4. Type \ to load the previous buffer namely "foo.txt".

Switch sort mode

  1. Type - to popup bufferhint window.
  2. Type SPACE to switch sort mode.

Delete buffers

  1. vim foo.txt bar.txt doe.txt.
  2. Type - to popup bufferhint window.
  3. Type dd to delete the buffer under cursor.
  4. Type db to delete a buffer by hint.


  • Yellow hints means the buffers are sorted by path, green hints means the buffers are sorted by LRU.
  • You can also type / in bufferhint window and search what you want, then type ENTER to load it.
  • Apparently j/k/d/n/N are excluded from the hint chars.


  • bufferhint#Popup()

    Toggle bufferhint window.

  • bufferhint#LoadPrevious()

    Load the second item in LRU. It's very useful in the scene where you want to switch back and forth between two files.

  • bufferhint#Save()

    Save current session to an external session file which can be restored by vim -S command in the future. The default session file name is "session.vim".


  • g:bufferhint_SortMode

    Default sort mode.

    • 0: sort by path
    • 1: sort by LRU
  • g:bufferhint_MaxWidth

    Maxmium window width.

  • g:bufferhint_PageStep

    Page step, will affect PGUP, PGDN, C-f, C-b.

  • g:bufferhint_SessionFile

    The default session file name.

  • g:bufferhint_KeepWindow

    Set to 1 to keep window open after buffer deleting.



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