Created: 2008-08-07 19:33
Updated: 2017-08-31 06:24
License: mit

Build Status

CO2 Updates:

Author: James Smith

Email :

Web :


Ruby 1.8 (not tested with 1.9 yet)


  • twitter
  • twitter_oauth

Run bundle to install gems


  1. Copy config/config_example.yml to config/config.yml.

  2. Fill in the consumer key and secret in the twitter config. You can get these by setting up an app at

  3. Run bin/oauth.rb and follow the instructions.

  4. From the oauth output, put the oauth token and secret into config.yml

  5. Run bin/co2_updates.rb, and you're away!


The NOAA data source specified in the default config_example.yml is global mean CO2 concentration data from

Application state is saved into data/state.yml. The latest year and month from the datafile is stored, and checked against the datafile on each run. If the latest date has not changed, updates are not sent out.

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