Created: 2015-08-03 03:41
Updated: 2017-05-01 21:18
License: mit


Light and fast tool for generating video clips from images and other video clips. Also supports soundtracks. Depends on [VirtualDub] (, [AviSynth] ( and [NicAudio] (


Note: If you want to build from source, see Building Source below.

  1. Create a directory called ClipSynth. This is our root folder.
  2. Get ClipSynth.exe from [releases] ( and place in the ClipSynth root folder.


  1. Obtain VirtualDub and extract it to a VirtualDub folder under the ClipSynth root folder.
    • The ClipSynth root folder is the one that has the ClipSynth.exe file.
    • Make sure the VirtualDub files are named ClipSynth/VirtualDub/vdub.exe and ClipSynth/VirtualDub/VirtualDub.exe
  2. Install AviSynth on your computer.
  3. Obtain NicAudio and place NicAudio.dll in the ClipSynth root folder.

Building Source

Open ClipSynth.sln in Visual Studio and build.


Run ClipSynth.exe and use the images tab and the movies tab for manipulating images and movies using the buttons on the right.


  • Balakrishnan (Balki) Ranganathan
  • Scott John Easley



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