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An open-source monitoring and deployment control panel

Locomotive is a control panel for monitoring and deploying applications, services and the like. It aims to be flexible and extensible to suit the changing needs of developers and administrators in a painless way.


The goal of Locomotive is to be a flexible control panel for managing all kinds of stuff for Software as a Service providers; most importantly the tasks of monitoring and deploying services. It was born out of the urge to "scratch our own itch" over at Nedap Healthcare, where we provide a number of different services for a large number of clients. Some predicates taken from this situation are:

  • There are multiple clients, each of which has a contract for one or more services.
  • Clients don't share services. For each of the clients, a separate instance of any service is deployed, possibly with a different version or a different set of features.
  • Services can be deployed to one or more servers. Some services may require a number of services, some servers may run multiple services or multiple parts of multiple applications (e.g. a dedicated database cluster running databases for all clients).

Last but not least, Locomotive aims to be extensible. No two services are likely to be the same and we don't want to force them to be. It should be easy to extend Locomotive to support exotic kinds of services by implementing an API, but the goal is to keep the amount of "service specific patchwork" to a minimum.

-- Michel Jansen

Licensing and Copyright

Locomotive is released under an MIT License . Copyright information, as well as a copy of the License may be found in the accompanying LICENSE file.


See INSTALL.markdown.


(note that this project is still miles off its baby shower)


The development of Locomotive has been brought to you by Nedap Healthcare.

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