Created: 2008-08-02 05:35
Updated: 2016-05-08 11:27



tools for performing TV information lookup

(c) 2008 Scott Raynel

(c) 2007-2008 Perry Lorier


You can either run tvrenamer3 directly from your clone, or you can install tvrenamer3 and the tvinfo package using the included Python distutils setup script. Install to your system using:

$ sudo python install

Or install to your home directory using:

$ python install --prefix $HOME

and make sure that you've set your $PYTHONPATH correctly.

More Info

This package contains the tvinfo module and the tvrenamer3 script.


The tvinfo module provides an interface for performing lookups of TV episode information from various webservices. A default backend for is provided along with a TV data model that describes series, seasons and episodes.

The tvinfo module provides caching of episode information and a way for different backends to be easily added.


The tvrenamer3 script is provided as part of the standard package to help organise your time-shifted TV files. tvrenamer3 will attempt to determine the series name, season and episode number from a filename using a fairly comprehensive set of common patterns. The series will then be looked up using the tvinfo module and if the series, season and episode is found, the file will be renamed accordingly.

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