Created: 2008-07-31 19:35
Updated: 2019-03-01 17:09


This is a repo of my settings and computer customization preferences.

Quick summary of my stack:


This repo is structured in three different sections.

  • Root section (actual dotfiles)
  • Platforms section (setup scripts for setting up machines)
  • dotfiles-cli section (CLI util for managing dotfiles)

Root section

Dotfiles are mainly placed in accordance with the XDG directory specification. This simplifies things a whole lot. You can find files for the configuration directory inside the config directory, data files inside the data directory and executables inside the bin directory.

Some software does not follow XDG specifications and might require custom locations. Those files are inside the snowflakes directory, managed with snowflakes/manifest.txt.

Platforms section

The platforms directory contains setup scripts for setting up machines and manage software or system-level configuration on them.

  • platforms/ - Sets up wanted software and preferences on an Arch machine.
  • platforms/ - Sets up a new Arch machine (adds my user, clones this repo, etc.).

How to bootstrap

As root, on you newly booted Arch machine:

pacman -Sy wget
chmod +x


dotfiles is a CLI utility that is written in Rust and can be called to manage the dotfiles in this repo; installing files, etc.

It will be extended in the future to deal with even more parts of this repo.

How to install

Run file at the project root. It will compile dotfiles and use it to install itself in your HOME, together with all the other files.

After this initial install you can call dotfiles --help to see other operations that you can use.

In order to compile this binary Rust must be installed and set up. You can run the platform scripts first in order to bootstrap and prepare your machine.


I really don't think most settings and configs could be worthy enough to require licenses, but in case you are a person that cares about matters like these: I hereby give full rights to use or modify anything found in this repo, unless it has an attached copyright notice in which case that copyright notice needs to be honored.

No warranty or guarantees are provided in case you run any code from this repository.

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