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phpViddler API v2 Library

A PHP class for Viddler's API version 2. For more information, visit our developer site


Please see the new cURL option for TLS1.2 connectivity issues.

Before updating to version 4.2 (or higher), Please note the following:

Due to PHP 5.5.0 deprecating the "@" method of cURL binary transfer in favor of the CURLFile class, viddler.videos.setThumbnail's 'file' parameter must only be the path to the file:

// OLD
	'sessionid' => SESSIONID,
	'video_id' => VIDEO_ID,
	'file' => '@./path/to/file.jpg',
// NEW
	'sessionid' => SESSIONID,
	'video_id' => VIDEO_ID,
	'file' => './path/to/file.jpg',

The wrapper will handle the rest depending on the PHP version installed.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the most recent version.
  2. Upload phpviddler.php
  3. Include phpviddler.php
  4. Initiate Viddler class like this $v = new Viddler_V2('YOUR API KEY HERE');


$v = new Viddler_V2('Your API Key');

// Authenticate and get your videos
$auth = $v->viddler_users_auth(array('user'=>'USERNAME','password'=>'PASSWORD'));
if (isset($auth['auth']['sessionid'])) {
  $videos = $v->viddler_videos_getByUser(array('sessionid'=>$auth['auth']['sessionid']));
  print '<pre>';
  print '</pre>';


Included in this repo is an /examples/ directory with a few code examples from uploading, uploading with curl, searching, get your profile and getting your videos.


Viddler supports a few different embed codes types. To retrieve a proper embed code, you may want to use: viddler.videos.getEmbedCodeTypes and then grab an embed code with viddler.videos.getEmbedCode

Need help?

Submit a tickethere


phpViddler is dual-licensed under the MIT License. The details of this can be found MITlicense.txt

Changelog (started with tag 3.9) - Read overall API changelog here

4.2 - July 18, 2014

  • Updated binary transfer method for viddler.videos.setThumbnail to use CURLFile class in PHP 5.5.0+
  • Organized method list
  • Added version number to top comment (for convenience)
  • Version number no longer tied to internal platform versioning
  • Added composer.json (Thanks Israel Shirk!)

4.1 - November 27, 2012

  • Add new methods: viddler.logins.[add|delete|update] to POST array

4.0.1 - November 19, 2012

  • Fixed type of method viddler.resellers.removeSubaccount, was removeSubaccounts

4.0 - July 18, 2012

  • Added direct upload example using cURL
  • Removed method viddler.videos.upload
  • Updated README file

3.9 - April 26, 2012

  • Jumped tag numbers like whoa to keep consistent with internal versioning
  • Added new method 'viddler.videos.addClosedCaptioning' (POST)
  • Added new method 'viddler.videos.delClosedCaptioning' (POST)
  • Added new method 'viddler.videos.setClosedCaptioning' (POST)
  • Updates to viddler.encoding.(set|get)Settings
  • Added new method viddler.videos.comments.get (GET)
  • Updates to viddler.videos.(get|set)Details
  • Added new examples in the examples directory
  • Added support for HTTPS for all calls
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