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Yell Gelf - Graylog2 Adapter for Your Extensible Logging Library

If you are not yet familiar with Yell - Your Extensible Logging Library check out the githup project under or jump directly into the Yell wiki at

Just in case you wonder: GELF means Graylog Extended Log Format. Read all it at

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The Graylog adapter for Yell works and is tested with ruby 1.8.7, 1.9.x, jruby 1.8 and 1.9 mode, rubinius 1.8 and 1.9 as well as ree.


System wide:

gem install yell-adapters-gelf

Or in your Gemfile:

gem "yell-adapters-gelf"


After you set-up Graylog2 accordingly, you may use the Gelf adapter just like any other.

logger = :gelf

# or alternatively with the block syntax
logger = do |l|
  l.adapter :gelf
end 'Hello World!'

Now check your Graylog2 web server for the received message. By default, the gelf adapter will send the following information to Graylog2:

facility: The GELF facility (default: 'yell')
level: The current log level
timestamp: The time when the log event occured
host: The current hostname
file: The name of the file where the log event occured
line: The line in the file where the log event occured
_method: The method where the log event occured
_pid: The PID of your current process

Example: Running with a different GELF facility

logger = :gelf, :facility => 'my own facility'

# or with the block syntax
logger = do |l|
  l.adapter :gelf, :facility => 'my own facility'

Example: Running Graylog2 on a different host or port

logger = :gelf, :host => '', :port => 1234

# or with the block syntax
logger = do |l|
  l.adapter :gelf, :host => '', :port => 1234
end 'Hello World!'

Example: Passing additional keys to the adapter

logger = :gelf "Hello World", "_thread_id" => Thread.current.object_id, 
                           "_current_user_id" =>

Copyright © 2012 Rudolf Schmidt, released under the MIT license

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