Created: 2012-03-26 20:01
Updated: 2013-12-14 17:21

This extension is RETIRED. It WILL NO LONGER WORK. Please see Tweetdeck Classic.


Google Chrome extension for Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare, developed further from the old Tweetdeck. Supports many things that the official one does not. Add endless amount of Twitter-accounts and Facebook-pages, like, reply and favorite straight from the app, etc...

Note first!

Check out Tweetdeck Classic! This no longer works correctly...

In March 2013 or so Twitter removed their old bridge so this Tweetdeck version is no longer able to login. I continued developing the extension and noticed ManifestVersion has been updated from 1 to 2 during these couple of years. This means that all inline script, evals and many other things are completely banned. I started rewritting the code, but it's too much work for one man, so I was forced to revert back.

Most of the code is obfuscated or deprecated and hard to debug and I'm not that experienced developer so figuring things out is quite time consuming. You can still use the old version 1.0.3 from 2012, it mostly works using without signing in (guest mode).

I have so much love for this extension and it will be a sad day to see it go. After 2013 Google Chrome will no longer accept this, If I don't do something.

Background story

Twitter updated Tweetdeck in December 2011 and since then it has been lacking most of the best features for power users.

I'm Chrome user and used Tweetdeck since forever. But since the update, it's totally unusable. I found a copy of the old beta crx file and modified it to my needs. Inspired by Android app Tweakdeck, Tweakdeck for Chrome was born!

On other platforms

Similar app can be installed on Android (not by me). It is also developed further from abandoned Tweetdeck. Google Play link.

Please note

Even though I have made some minor modifications and fixes to this app, I TAKE NO CREDIT FOR THIS APP, all praise goes to Twitter/Tweetdeck co.


How to install?

  • Install Chrome if you don't have it already (stable preferred, dev does not always work)
  • Uninstall official Tweetdeck if you have it installed (you can always use the official one)
  • Download this git repo by clicking ZIP button in the top of this page
  • Locate tweatdeck.crx file, go to menu > Settings > Extensions (or type chrome://chrome/extensions/ to address bar), drag and drop tweakdeck.crx to Chrome window.
  • Have fun!

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