Created: 2012-03-26 18:18
Updated: 2013-10-10 14:55

Chef-repo for vagrant and chef-solo (aided by littlechef)

The purpose of this directory is to provide chef roles and recipes that work for both vagrant (for local development) and chef-solo (for remote deployments).

This directory works with littlechef, a python project that makes chef-solo easy to deploy and use: The file auth.cfg must be configured to use littlechef. Read the instructions on the littlechef project page for usage guidance.

The Rakefile in this directory provides a command rake metadata:to_json to convert metadata.rb to metadata.json in cookbooks.

A quick way to add multiple Opscode cookbooks as submodules under cookbooks/.

One way to use

  • Add your cookbooks to cookbooks/ or incorporate them with git submodules.
  • At the moment, do not use data_bags. The bugs I experienced with Vagrant 0.9 may be fixed, but I haven't tried yet. Instead, incorporate necessary parameters into your roles configurations.
  • Add .json files to roles/ for specific server setups, such as database-server.json or app-server.json. For Vagrant-specific setups, you can start with these configurations and overwrite sections as needed using chef.json.merge!. See Vagrantfile-example.
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