Created: 2012-03-26 18:02
Updated: 2015-06-09 18:42

ImageGuard image protection

ImageGuard will enable you to protect your images from the most commonly used techniques for obtaining images from webpages, with the exception of pressing the PRINT SCREEN key. It is crucial to understand that using ImageGuard doesn’t provide bulletproof methods of image protection, but does act as an effective deterrent which allows you to show your images as intended, with a lower risk of them being taken by users. Please only use this component if you understand and agree that ImageGuard is a deterrent and not a solution to cover every angle.

Installation guide found in the Docs folder. Website root files found in WEBSITE ROOT 2 x example sites for original & shredded protection

Protecting your images online is not an easy task, and this simple script could save you hours of hair-pulling.


  • Make your images almost impossible to steal.
  • Prevent saving the image with right-click
  • Prevent from dragging the image to their desktop
  • Prevent visitors from locating the image filename in the source.
  • No need for ugly watermarks (You can add them if you like for extra protection).
  • Disables printing of images

Some of the methods involved:

  • Slicing up the image file to many separate files
  • Random filenames
  • Transparent image overlay
  • Disables right-click, saving, dragging & printing
  • Removes original filename and image reference from source

ImageGuard uses Flash, Javascript and CSS to create the most complex protection method for your images.

Image Guard is the perfect solution for photographers, artists who refuse to use watermarks over their work, but still need to do their best to protect their most important assets.

While not impossible, in order to steal your images, thieves would need to go through hell, which would literally take hours for every image, and even then might not be possible at all.

Feedback, improvements etc welcomed.

As always, no warranty or reponsibility taken, use at your own risk.

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