Created: 2012-03-26 17:16
Updated: 2013-12-15 05:50

nscreen bash bundle

Provides easy access to named screens with autocompletion of running sessions, as well as optional screen configs on a per-name basis, with the main ~/.screenrc being merged with the topic config


nscreen mysessionname

Opens a new screen session with the given name. As long as the session is alive, the same command will now attach to the session (detaching it from the previously attached terminal)

Topic configs

If you create a file ~/.screen-, upon creation of a named session of the same name, nscreen will concatenate your ~/.screenrc and ~/.screen- file, store it as ~/.nscreen-, and start screen with this file as its config file.

This way, you may preconfigure a bunch of ssh sessions, like loadbalancer or database failover pairs, a bunch of slave databases of a common master etc.

zombie k
screen ssh databasenode1
screen ssh databasenode2

zombie k will make screen not close a window when the ssh session disconnects, and ask you to hit k to really close the window or CTRL-Space to reopen the ssh session.

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