Created: 2012-03-26 17:13
Updated: 2015-01-16 15:58

Bash Bundles

My personal bash bundle (plugin) manager, for sharing small bash snippets and structuring your bashrc into multiple files.


Clone the main repository into an arbitrary directory and source the script somewhere in your bashrc:

git clone git:// ~/.bash.bundles
echo 'source $HOME/.bash.bundles/bashrc' >> $HOME/.bashrc

What does it do?

Manage standalone bundles

Bundles live in ~/.bb.autoload/, a bundle directory needs to contain a file named bundle. The file is sourced into your current bash environment. In addition, if the bundle directory contains a bin/ directory, it is added to your PATH for convenience.

Automatic install and update

To make life a little easier, you can add git URLs to ~/.bash.bundles/bundles, the repos are installed and updated into ~/.bb.autoload when you run bb_update.

Example bundles-file:

Structure you bashrc

In order to give a little more structure to all your private bash customizations, you can pull parts out into seperate files .bashrc.<topic> and make bash.bundles load them in the order you want or even make some of the files dynamic and/or optional, by setting a variable BB_LOAD_FILES before sourcing bash.bundles/bashrc:

BB_LOAD_FILES="completion ?utils ?$(hostname -s) ?$(hostname -f)"

This will always load a file ~/.bashrc.completion as well as ~/.bashrc.utils if it exists. Also, we include files with the current hostname and fqdn as a topic, this will allow us to customize our bash environment on a per host basis. Also, if you are managing your config files in a VCS, this will allow you to add all your "local" config files to the repo while only sourcing the required one on every host.

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