Created: 2012-03-26 13:57
Updated: 2014-07-17 11:21

IETT Crawler

Crawls site and pulls bus route and busstop data with geolocation information. result is printed to standart output stream as json. Result will have

  • Bus route list in Istanbul, Turkey
  • Busstop list with geo-location information and title in Istanbul, Turkey.

result json format will have


Unfortunately I could not get busstop geo-location info with script yet. but it is very easy to get with wget. just run

wget --mirror ''

command. After downloading the site, copy XML directory from site to same location with your script.

After this point run


script is written for python3 but it should also work for pyhon 2.7.



My result for this script can be found at

Output Format

    "buses": [{"route": "K\\u0130RAZLITEPE-AC  ", "code": "1",
	      "busstops": {"location_id": 0, "descrition": "A0082aaaA0082aaaPARK", "title": "PARK"},
	      "no": "1"}

    "locations": [{"lat": "41.03738",
		 "id": 0,
		 "long": "29.06061"}

    "errors": [{"code": "_x2",
	       "error": "Could not find busstop information file"}
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