Created: 2012-03-26 11:03
Updated: 2018-04-18 00:08

A simple LaTeX PDF resume generation script in Gradle.

Author: Lindsay Bradford

Here's a recent example of the kind of PDF it produces.

From the root directory, simply run gradle. The resultant resume.pdf will be placed in the /cooked directory.

Following tasks have been defined:

  • cook Generates the resume.pdf file.
  • deliver Delivers it to the cooked directory.
  • flush Deletes all the temporary files.
  • full (default) Generates, delivers, and flushes.

The LaTeX environment this has been tested with is the TexLive distribution supplied with Ubuntu 11.10+. An unknown subset of the following packages are needed to get the LaTeX to generate a PDF without incident:

  • TexLive: Essential programs and files
  • TexLive: LaTeX Basic Packages
  • TexLive: LaTeX Recommended Packages
  • TexLive: LaTeX Supplementary Packages
  • TexLive: LaTeX Auxiliary Packages
  • TexLive: MetaPost (and MetaFont) Drawing Packages
  • TexLive: Extra Fonts
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