Created: 2012-03-26 11:01
Updated: 2014-02-26 08:24



A work-in-progress attempt at writing my own language for JavaScript, more for fun than anything else. A sort of Scala-like language that combines OOP and functional programming, but without straying too far from JavaScript.


Clone the repo and cd in, then use make to install dependencies and generate the parser.

make deps

You can then use the bin/stavros executable to generate JavaScript for you.

bin/stavros examples/calc.stav

That will generate a calc.js in your pwd which you can execute with Node.JS. For convenience I've added a test target in the Makefile.

make test

This will regenerate the parser, compile examples/calc.stav and then execute the generated JavaScript.

The future

I've still got a number of issue to tackle beyond syntax and learning Jison grammar, like:

  • What's the best way inject runtime code to fix features that don't exist in the target languages (i.e. PHP doesn't have a console.log so calc.php and calc.js have different outputs).
  • How will you integrate with libraries in target languages (i.e. jQuery, Backbone, etc).
  • How will you debug code?
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