Created: 2012-03-26 04:27
Updated: 2014-02-05 13:02


Macdev branch is a branch for exploring current issues with the mac development of the build.

Potential Warning to Mac users. Earlier in the games development there was some performance issue where the game caused Macs to hang until the process was killed. A lot has changed in the code since so I'm not sure if that will still happen but if it does please let me (naxareth) know.

This project uses the libgdx library found here: Documentation for libgdx can be found here:

Conway is Galaga style shoot-em-up game that is based within an active Conway Game of Life. Currently it supports single player on a randomly generated board with four different weapon types. I'm looking into making it multi-player at the moment and exploring ways to make the inital conidtions a little more deterministic. There are also some performance issues that I may or may not get to eventually and if someone want to tackle that would be awesome, ask me if interested. There are also a crop of people that I know of watching the project that are interested in it as a learning experience for programming so I have made eforts to document the shit out of the majorly important code and will occassionally do a bulk commit that is just documentation.

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