Created: 2012-03-26 03:18
Updated: 2019-01-09 11:52
License: mit


How to compile it?

just compile all the java files.

>>javac *.java

How to run it?

a. Run the main entry:

>> java main [dictionary] [corpus] [output]
>> java main words.txt enron-skilling.txt output.txt

when you enter the main system, there are four choices.

  1. output wrong words.
  2. output the answers of 2-gram.
  3. output the answers of editex.
  4. output the answers of edit-distance.

(The answer means that if a word is a misspelling word, it will output the alternatives, otherwise output the new word information.)

b. Run each algorithm to make a query:

>> java [algorithm] [dictionary]
>> java N_Gram words.txt
or >> java Editex words.txt
or >> java Edit_distance words.txt

and then, you can input words to get the answers.

Pooling is a program to test and compute the

precision, recall, average precision.

e.g. the "query_test.txt" contains 50 misspelling words, every line one word. And then you can use the pooling to compute precision, recall, average precision for three techniques.

>> java Pooling [dictionary] [query]
>> java Pooling words.txt query_test.txt
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