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SEA3D 1.8

Build Version License

Open-source format and tools for game developers.

List of Features

  • Open-source | Cross-platform
  • Streamming and Progressive Download
  • Export Animation ( Takes ), Texture, Material, Skeleton ( Skin ), Vertex Animation, Morph ( +1000 slots ), Camera, Lights, Environment and Helpers
  • Instancing of Geometry, Material, Texture and Animation
  • Lossy Compression ( Google Draco and Open3DGC )
  • Lossless Compression ( Lzma and Deflate )
  • Native Scripting Language ( Export to Java Script )
  • Scene Hierarchy
  • Physics and Sounds Supports
  • Multiple Channels Texture and Mapping
  • Native Support for DetailMap, LightMap and Multilayer Blend Texture
  • Custom Shaders and Attributes
  • Automatic Bake
  • Cube Mapping and ATF Textures
  • Binary format
  • And More+


Official Page / Examples

Help and Questions? Use SEA3D Forum

SEA3D Studio - Windows / Web (Lite)

Free cross-platform 3D IDE for games.

SEA3D Studio

Introduction / Download

Download Lite

Web (Lite)

SDK Framework

SEA3D Exporter

Easy and wide range of 3d features, export entire scenes to SEA3D with just few clicks.

SEA3D Exporter

SEA3D I.O. Tools

Optimize your SEA3D with LZMA and Draco compressing.

SEA3D Player

Focused for artists and very useful to view models, animations and others.



SEA3D Lip Sync

Runtime speech recognition and lip sync using MFCCs by Sunag Technology. (soon)

SEA3D Lip Sync

SEA3D Social Pages



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