Created: 2012-03-26 02:01
Updated: 2014-02-12 18:21


This repository is just some random code I've written up.

randomcommands.rb: This is just a small cinch plugin I made which contains some random commands. Namely, it allows anyone to add custom responses, and it also responds to "Thats what she said" sentences.

randomWords.rb: I was bored so I wanted to see how long of a word I could randomly generate that was actually a word listed in /usr/share/dict

physGrade.rb: Calculates a grade for physics 1(Spring 2012), given your individual section grades.

rom2num.py: Converts roman numerals to integers.

uncertainty.py: Used for physics labs, calculates uncertainty.

findGoogle.rb, domains.csv, output.out: Quick thing I whipped up to get some information about the TLD's registered. domains.csv is the input and output.out is a list of how many domains each company registered(Name is because I wanted to see how many Google registered).

dogemine.rb: Scrapes the dogehouse website to find the pool with the lowest load Then it kills any currently running miner and starts up a new one with the new pool Run it like so: ./dogemine.rb -u aaron -p icanhazpass -c "minerd.exe -t 5 -u User.worker -p workerpass -o"

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