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HebPhonics Build Status

HebPhonics is library for parsing Hebrew texts and a tool for making lists of Hebrew words for teaching Hebrew reading and fluency.


Play with the HebPhonics Demo!

Getting Started

Clone the repository via git clone git://github.com/metaist/hebphonics.git or get the latest code.

Version Numbering

To the extent possible, HebPhonics uses Semantic Versioning. Briefly, each release will be formatted as <major>.<minor>.<patch> where:

  • <major> is incremented for non-backward compatible changes (<minor> and <patch> are reset)
  • <minor> is incremented for backwards-compatible new additions (<patch> is reset)
  • <patch> is incremented for bug fixes and other minor changes

Coding Style

For python:


Licensed under the MIT License.

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