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License: other - Environmental Damage Claims Software

This software is a damage registration widget that can be added to a website to register climate change damage claims.

Licence software is licensed under the conditions of


Introduction is developed on the Symfony 1.4 web framework and its included Doctrine 1.2 ORM.

This README focus on a basic LAMP architecture with Apache 2 and MySQL5. But it's up to you to choose which webserver and database fit your needs.

More information about Symfony :


  • Apache 2

  • MySQL 5

  • >= PHP 5.2.4, check if your PHP configuration meets the Symfony requirements :

    $ wget
    $ php check.php

    remove the check.php file afterwards Setup

  1. Download from or clone git repository

    $ git clone git://
  2. Set up a new Apache virtual host as in Symfony Jobeet Tutorial

  3. create a new MySQL user & database

    $ mysql -u root -p
    mysql> CREATE DATABASE claimer;
    mysql> CREATE USER 'claimer'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'PASSWORD';
    mysql> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON claimer.* TO 'claimer'@'localhost';
    mysql> quit;
  4. modify the following YAML file according to your newly configured database

  5. build database from schema and load fixtures

    $ php symfony doctrine:build --all --and-load
  6. fix permissions

    $ php symfony project:permissions
  7. clear cache

    $ php symfony cc
  8. restart Apache and should now be running on

  9. login as superadmin user
    (login: superadmin, password: superadmin) overview

A single Symfony app composed of modules and extended by plugins and libraries

  1. frontend app modules :
  • claimants : Manage claimants
  • damages : Damages registration
  • default : Content pages and contact form
  • mails : Mail group of users or managed claimants
  • sfGuardAuth : extends sfGuardAuth with alternate login method
  • users : Users administration
  1. plugins :
  1. libraries :

### Database

The database schema is defined through an YAML file

Fixtures are loaded as initial data and can be customized

Users management and authentication

User management and access controls are handled through sfDoctrineGuardPlugin (Users<->Profiles, Groups, Permissions) and Symfony credential system.

Fixtures include four default users in


Please view Symfony: The Reference Book for more information on configuration files

#### Symfony configuration

The system configuration can be edited through an YAML file

  • .settings :
    • csrf_secret: a_randomly_generated_secret (enables CSRF protection for forms)
    • default_timezone: a PHP supported timezone

#### Frontend app configuration

The frontend app configuration can be edited through an YAML file

  • recaptcha: public and private key (used in contact form)
  • claimer:
    • default_currency: default currency of damage values
      currencies: /data/fixtures/currencies.yml
    • pager_items: number of items to show in list paginations
    • start_date: start date in dates form fields
    • files_damages_dir: damages document directory path the path should not be accessible through webserver to prevent unauthorized access
    • contact_recipients: list of contact form recipients (as email address => name)
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