Created: 2012-03-25 19:19
Updated: 2018-11-26 19:56
License: gpl-2.0



Prowl notifications for weechat.

by Josh Dick


Installation and Usage

weeprowl requires Python 2 and weechat version 0.3.7 or greater.

To get started with weeprowl:

  1. Place a copy of weeprowl.py in the appropriate weechat plugin folder (usually ~/.weechat/python/autoload).
  2. Inside weechat, run the command /python load python/autoload/weeprowl.py.
  3. If you don't already have a Prowl API key, acquire one at http://prowlapp.com.
  4. Configure weeprowl to use your Prowl API key. Inside weechat, run the command /set plugins.var.python.weeprowl.prowl_api_key "your_prowl_api_key_here".

weeprowl is now configured and should start sending Prowl notifications when your IRC nick is higlighted/mentioned or when you receive a private message.

weeprowl has a few configurable options. Please view the top of weeprowl.py to see what they are and how to configure them.

License and Other Info

weeprowl is based on the notify plugin version 0.0.5 by lavaramano (lavaramano AT gmail DOT com).

notify is released under a GPL v2 license; therefore, weeprowl is as well.

notify is available here: http://www.weechat.org/scripts/source/stable/notify.py.html/

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