Created: 2012-03-25 18:56
Updated: 2014-05-28 09:10
License: gpl-2.0

Shortcode Disabler

Disable old, unused shortcodes on your WordPress site.


Over time, plugins and themes tend to leave behind shortcodes. Shortcode Disabler allows you to "disable" those old shortcodes by replacing them with nothing on the front end.

Optionally, you can choose to display or hide the content of a shortcode. In other words, this: [some-shortcode]this is content[/some-shortcode] can become this: this is content on the frontend of your site.


  1. Click the big orange button to download this plugin.
  2. Unzip it and upload the shortcode-disabler folder to your wp-content/plugins directory.
  3. Log in and activate the plugin

Optionally, you can also use the built in WordPress installer to install the plugin.

Frequently Asked Questions

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