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Updated: 2017-05-23 02:01
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ABET-inspired Course Assessment Manager

Rails web application for collecting course details and assessments from instructors.


The Course Assessment Manager is Copyright (c) 2012, and is released open source with the three-clause BSD license.

See COPYING for more details.


  • Requires Ruby 1.9.3 *

Local Development

# Install bundler
gem install bundler

# Install dependencies
bundle install

# Use local sqlite databases by default
cp config/database.yml.example config/database.yml

# Build the database and seed basic data
bundle exec rake db:reset

# Start a local server
bundle exec rails s


First-Time Setup

Use the following instructions to start a fresh version of the application. If you would like to update a currently running installation, jump ahead to the next section.

# Install dependencies
bundle install --without production

# Copy basic database config for editing
cp config/database.yml.example config/database.yml
# Then edit to use database setup of your choice,
# Use the production environment only

# Copy basic mail config
cp config/initializers/setup_mail.rb.example config/initializers/setup_mail.rb
# Then configure with mail host settings

# Build and seed database with bootstrapped data
RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake db:create db:seed

# And then run rails server however you please (rackup, thin, passenger, etc)
# Example:
RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rackup


Be sure to read any update notes and documentation, as there may be additional configuration required in new versions.

# To avoid data corruption during update:

# !!! Disable the application before continuing !!!
# !!! Make sure you have a database backup before continuing !!!

# Update the git repository to the desired new version
# For example: git checkout v2.0

# Update database with any changes needed for the new version
RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake db:migrate

# Perform any other updates as specified by update notes

# Update complete, enable the application again


All contributions are welcome! Bugs should be reported as issues on the github page. All fixes and features should be submitted as pull requests. Please use topic branches and keep them updated with master to lessen work required to merge them. Thanks!

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