Created: 2012-03-25 16:13
Updated: 2013-10-13 06:22

HTML Slides

This is a very simple script that will allow you to set up an image based slideshow in no time. It has support for jpg, png, and gif images, as well as youtube and vimeo support so some of your slides can be a full screen video.

Quick start

All you need is a php server, upload the script, drop some images in the img folder and you are done.


  • HTML5 ready.
  • Cross-browser compatible (Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox 3.6+).
  • Responsive layout, you can select to crop or letterbox your images.
  • Auto-advance slides
  • Minimal css and html
  • Dead simple youtube and vimeo support
  • Google analytics support
  • Click, Mousewheel and keyboard navigation
  • Easy to customize
  • Built on top of the best plugins available.


For an out of the box installation you should just add images to the img folder and set your basic settings in the config.php file.


Anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute. Please submit your pull requests to make this script better.


Major components:

  • jQuery: MIT/GPL license
  • Modernizr: MIT/BSD license
  • ScrollTo: Copyright (c) 2007-2009 Ariel Flesler
  • SerialScroll: Copyright (c) 2007-2009 Ariel Flesler
  • Mousewheel: Copyright (c) 2011 Brandon Aaron
  • jQuery Easing: BSD License
  • Normalize.css: Public Domain

Everything else:

The Unlicense (aka: public domain)

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