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quill-tar Build Status

quill-tar contains utility functions for packing and unpacking quill system tarballs.


Unpacking system tarballs is a fundamental piece of functionality that will be reused in multiple parts of conservatory


There are two core methods:

  • quillTar.pack(tarball, dir, files, callback)
@tarball {string|Stream} Location of the tarball to create or stream to pipe to.
@dir {string} Base directoty the tarball is being created from.
@files {Array} List of files to include in the tarball
@callback {function} Continuation to respond to when complete.
  • quillTar.unpack(tarball, target, options, callback)
@tarball {string} Path to the tarball to untar.
@target {string} Parent directory to untar into
@options {Object} Options for untaring
@callback {function} Continuation to respond to when complete

Lets take a look at some sample usage:

  var quillTar = require('quill-tar');
      modes: {
        exec: 0777 & (~022), 
        file: 0666 & (~022),
        umask: 022
    function (err, target) {
      // This will output the absolute path of the directory
      // processed by `quill-tar`


Installing npm (node package manager)

  $ curl http://npmjs.org/install.sh | sh

Installing quill-tar

  $ npm install quill-tar


All tests are written with vows:

  $ npm test


Nodejitsu Inc

License and Attribution

  • (C) 2011, Isaac Schlueter
  • (C) 2012, Nodejitsu Inc.
  • Adapted from npm under MIT.
  • Adapted License: Private and not Open Source
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