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A script to unlock/lock one's screen using a pre-authenticated USB Drive.

Developed by Chhatoi Pritam Baral and Rahil Momin

Hack Night Competition - 2012, IIT Bombay

This application was developed in Hack Night Competition organized by Web and Coding Club. To know about other applications developed in Hack Night visit Web and Coding Club at GitHub

You can visit Web and Coding Club on WnCC Wiki

If you are IIT Bombay student then you can join WnCC Google Group


It depends on udisks, dbus, python-dbus, python-gobject, and python-tk for the gui. Python2 only.

To install dependecies on an Ubuntu machine run the following commands in terminal:

  • sudo apt-get install python-tk python-dbus

The other dependencies should be installed by default. If not, it's time to get a proper distro. :P


Clone the repository or download the zip file from Github Repository.

Install all the dependecies as mentioned above

To install :

  • ./

To uninstall :

  • ./

Features and Getting Started With

Just place the two scripts anywhere in your path and call either of the two.

Changing options is acheived through the magiclock-admin script (both GUI based and command-line)


  • Use any USB Removable media as a key to your workstation! (Got any broken Pen Drives lying around?)

  • Convenience! No need to type in the extra-long password everytime (Especially if one is a security freak!)

  • Also, no need to tell the script your system password (unlike some similar Windows tools :P )

  • Just set the key, add the script to your DE's autostart list and forget about it


The script uses DBus to listen for UDisks signals when a device is either added or removed

Locking and Unlocking is achieved by DE provided mechanisms, thus it is extensible/flexible for any compliant DE. (All freedesktop ScreenSaver specification compliant DE's work OOTB)

Advanced Usage

magiclock-admin -h explains the usage

USAGE: magiclock-admin [-s SERIAL] [-l LOCKING MODE]

where SERIAL is the manufacturer serial of the device you want to use as key. LOCKING MODE is 0 for two-way operation, 1 for unlocking only.

upon successful exit, magiclock-admin restarts/starts the magiclock script in the background

USAGE: magiclock [-k]

-k kills the current running magiclock process


Chhatoi Pritam Baral

Department of Aerospace Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

Rahil Momin

Department of Civil Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

Copyright and license

Copyright 2012 Chhatoi Pritam Baral

Copyright 2012 Rahil Momin

License: WTFPL

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