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OAuth sucks. The goal of this library is to make it stop sucking. It's for PHP 5.3+. It is licensed under the New BSD License.

Some libraries...

  • Force the use of HTTP in a rigidly prescribed way
  • Suppress errors, making debugging impossible
  • Have weird names for parameters
  • Are coupled to a single web server with an arc welder
  • Only work as a client OR a server
  • Are written by people who get paid by # of lines of code
  • Work by funnelling gerbils through pneumatic tubes

Check this out:

use PhoAuth\Utils;

$signer = new PhoAuth\Signer(

echo $signer->getSignature();

The first thing to notice is that all of the HTTP information that PhoAuth needs is passed in. CS 101 has these concepts about encapsulation and separation of concerns--this is an example of that.

The second thing to notice is how easily Utils lets most people work with most PHP set ups. At the same time, due to PhoAuth's design not sucking, it can be used with Hurricane, Guzzle, or whatever.

While we're at it, here's how to write a server and a client. Notice the use of custom callbacks to control how data flow and validation works. Also notice how nothing is coupled to the client's actual behavior.

A few other niceties:

  • The implementation is clean and easy to read
  • The code is minimal and cohesive, leaving room to build use-case-specific abstractions
  • Exceptions are specific and detailed
  • Everything is covered by unit tests

Even Cats Like It!

Psyched Cat

The feline above has just spotted PhoAuth and is shocked by how awesome it is.

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