Created: 2012-03-25 06:56
Updated: 2015-03-30 07:13

Standalone WebDav Server

This is a tiny script, configuration and directory structure which can run WebDav server using Apache HTTP Server. Basically designed to run WebDav server quickly on OS X.


Clone this repository and symbolic link modules directory where Apache HTTP server is using. On OS X, it's /usr/libexec/apache2.

$ git clone
$ cd standalone_mod_dav
$ ln -s /usr/libexec/apache2 modules 

Create document_root directory

$ mkdir document_root

or create a symbolic link where you want to use as a root.

$ ln -s ~/Documents document_root

Use htdigest command to create credentials to allow access this WebDav.

$ htdigest -c .htdigest dav USER_NAME

Then run next command.

$ ./httpd start

If it's failing, you may see error in logs/error_log or, you may need to use Apache HTTP Server 2.4, which comes with OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

Access to the WebDav

Assuming you're testing this on your OS X. Open Finder then hit ⌘-K, then put http://localhost:4000 to Server Address field. Put user name and password you set to .htdigest then you'll see document_root in the Finder.


The default configuration is only allowing access from localhost. You may want to modify httpd.conf to allow, deny access from specific host.

Also, this is not intended to use in public, there are no SSL configurations yet. Please do not expose this WebDav server without any additional security layers.

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