Created: 2012-03-25 02:58
Updated: 2014-04-27 00:21


django-pixelpond is a Django application to grow artificial life in your browser.

A demo built on the development version of this project can be seen at


Pixel Pond is distributed corewars-style artificial life simulator strongly influenced by nanopond ( and PondLife (

In order to pull off the distributed part a single large artificial life environment (a pond) is maintained by a centralized server. Clients request portions of that environment and simulate them for a period of time, and then reflect the updated environment back to the server.

In order to get really distributed, clients can communicate with several different central servers at once, allowing organisms from one server to "migrate" to another.


The django-pixelpond client is Javascript application, intended primarily to be run in the browser, that is responsible for actually simulating the artificial life environment.

For more information about the client-side components of django-pixelpond, see docs/client.rst.


The django-pixelpond server is very simple: its only job is to maintain the structure of the pond, and pass chunks of the pond ("puddles") to clients.

For more information about the server-side components of django-pixelpond, see docs/server.rst.

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