Created: 2012-03-25 02:19
Updated: 2018-12-25 10:20
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itemizr helps you to work with purchases such as line items on receipts in a natural ways by parsing it and giving you a json representation of it.

For example given 2kg Potatoes 7.59€ -7% you get

   "quantity": 2,
   "unit": "kg",
   "description": "Potatoes",
   "price": 7.59,
   "currency": "",
   "tax": -7


You need

To compile and make dist

git clone
cd itemizr.git


This is how you would use itemizr:

var core = require('../build/itemizr.core.js');
var itemizrDefaults = {
	"defaults": {
		"quantity": 1
		"unit": "x"
		"currency": ""
		"tax": "19"
var itemizr = new core.Itemizr(itemizrDefaults);

var item1 = itemizr.parse("2kg Potatoes 7.59€")
var item2 = itemizr.parse("1.5L Juice Off-Brand 12.45€")
var item3 = itemizr.parse("200g Peanuts with chocolate 2.45$")
var item4 = itemizr.parse("Bag of Chips 5.34€`")
var item5 = itemizr.parse("Book with included tax 12.3 -7%")


The parser understands statements like these

[<quantity>[<unit>]] <description> <price>[<currency>] [<tax>]
  • quantity Optional. Defaults to defaults.quantity.
  • unit Optional. Depends on quantity. Right supported units are g, lb, kg, m, ml, oz, l, h, min, and x (with x being a placeholder for number of items). Defaults to defaults.unit.
  • description Required. Can be any character in [a-zA-Z()äöüÄÖÜß"%&,.#+-=*].
  • price Required. Decimal separator can be . or ,. There is no support for a digit group separator (eg. no thousands separator).
  • currency Optional. Can be any character in [$€£¥]. Defaults to defaults.currency.
  • tax Optional. Can be ±x with x being a decimal number (with . or , separator). The idea is that that +x´ denotes that x% of vat must be added to the price and -x denotes that x% is already included in the price. Defaults to


You can supply default values itemizr falls back onto.

You can change the following defaults

"defaults": {
	"quantity": 1,
	"unit": "x",
	"currency": "",
	"tax": "19"

Constructor defaults

var core = require('../build/itemizr.core.js');
var i = new core.Itemizr({"defaults": {"quantity": 2, "unit": "kg" }});

Method defaults

var core = require('../build/itemizr.core.js');
var i = new core.Itemizr();
i.parse("<input>", {"defaults": {"quantity": 2, "unit": "kg"}}),

You can combine constructor and method defaults. Method defaults override constructor defaults.

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