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node.twilio.js includes two core modules:

  • Verb

    Verb is a basic class that renders TwiML. Ensures that the the attributes and nestings are valid TwiML.

  • Client

    Client is a set of helper functions that leverage restler. Unlike the Twilio PHP client, this is fully asynchronous.

How to use:

First, mixin all the helpers


Then, all the supported Verbs (response, say, play, record, dial, redirect, pause, hangup, gather, number, conference, sms) can be easily created and nested as functions, instead of having to instantiate the classes using new:

var number = 6197087128,
xml = response(
	say('A customer at the number ', number,' is calling'),

For example, you can easily implement the Node HTTP server and return this XML in a callback page:

var url = require('url'), http = require('http');

// ...

http.createServer(function(req, res){
	switch (url.parse(req.url).pathname){
		// ...
		case 'callback':
			res.writeHead(200, {'Content-type': 'text/xml'});
					say('A customer at the number ', number,' is calling'),

To make API requests, get the client like this:

api = client('sid', 'token', 'api version');

The API version defaults to 2008-08-01, and the sid and token you get from your account at

The following methods are exposed:

api.get(path, options)

api.put(path, options);, options);

api.del(path, options);

For example, to initiate an outgoing call:'Accounts/'+ accountid +'/Calls', {data: {
	Caller: number,
	Called: outgoing,
	Url: '/mycallback'
}}).addListener('success', function(){
	// on success
}).addListener('error', function(){
	// on error

A cool thing is that the argument passed to the callbacks is an object ready to use, and no parsing is needed. For example, the following could work in the example above:

.addListener('error', function(resp){
	sys.puts('Twillio error': resp.twilioresponse.restexception.message);


Browse to examples/clicktocall, edit clicktocall.js to add your sid, token, domain and phone numbers, and run

node clicktocall.js

Then point your browser to http://localhost:8080 to see the demo.


After cloning the repostiory, make sure to run

git	submodule init
git submodule update

to make sure that js-oo and restler are fetched.


node.twilio.js was created by Guillermo Rauch during a lunch break to automate his phone calls for an eventual campaign for presidency.

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