Created: 2012-03-25 01:26
Updated: 2013-12-26 05:00
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jsBase Build Status

Version 1.2

Browser, NodeJS and AMD supported

A list of independent modules to add to any project, in order of complexity:

  • Lang.is(value, type); - Check if a object if from a specific type. Extensible.
  • extend(Function parent, Object config); - Extends a constructor.
  • Emmiter type - Adds listeners to ad emits specific signals.
  • Promise type - Asyncronous operations helper.


Uses generic algorithms to detect if the is of the type.

  • If type is null it checks if value is null or undefined
  • If value is null returns false.
  • If type has .isTypeOf() method it invokes it passing the value the result is returned.
  • If the type is Object it returns true, every non-null object extends Object.
  • If type is a function uses instanceof operator to know if value prototypes it.
  • If object is native it checks if .constructor property is the type.


It extends constructor with it's methods. Also provides to every method who overwrites another one with a this.base() method to invoke overwrote method. This feature is based in Dean Edwards implementation

Created constructor has a .extend() method to create subtypes and .inject() to apply mixins to the current type:

  • Type.extend(Object config)
  • Type.inject(Object config)


interface Emitter {
  void on(String signal, Function handler, [Object scope]);
  void off(String signal, Function handler, [Object scope]);
  void once(String signal, Function handler, [Object scope]);
  void emit(String signal, Object var_args...);


interface Promise {
  Future getFuture();
  void done(Object var_args...);
  void fail(Object var_args...);
  static Promise done(Object var_args...);
  static Promise failed(Object var_args...);
  static Promise parallel(Future var_args...);
  static Promise all(Array<Future> futures);
  static Promise serial(Array<Function> callbacks, Object scope);
  static Constructor Future;
  static Constructor PromiseError;

interface Future {
  bool isCompleted();
  bool hasFailed();
  bool hasSucceed();
  void onDone(Function callback, Object scope);
  void onError(Function callback, Object scope);
  void onFinally(Function callback, Object scope);
  void then(Function success, Function error, Function fin);
  Future transform(Function adapter);


var cache = {};
function getData(id) {
  if (cache[id])
    return Promise.done(cache[id]);

  var promise = new Promise();
  ajax('/data/' + id, function(err, response) {
    if (err) {
    } else {
      cache[id] = response.data;
  return promise.getFuture();

getData(123).then(function(data) {
}, function(error) {
  console.log("Failed: " + error)

// OR

  .onDone(function() { /* access to this */ }, this);
  .onFail(function() { /* access to this */ }, this);
  .onFinally(function() { /* access to this */ }, this);
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